Cultivation Equipment 2020 Price List

4.2m Kuhn X Formation (Heavy Duty)£165.00£925.00
5.5m Kuhn X Formation (Heavy Duty)£210.00£1,175.00
POWER HARROWS (Tines included)
Kuhn H.Duty 3M ( with packer rollers )£130.00£730.00
Kuhn H.Duty 4M Folding (with packer rollers)£190.00£1,065.00
Kuhn H.Duty 5M ( with packer rollers )£250.00£1,400.00
Kuhn H.Duty 6M ( with packer rollers )£295.00£1,650.00
SUBSOLIERS (wearing parts included)
3 leg Spalding Auto Reset Flatlift£155.00£870.00
Spalding Grassland Discs for use with above£40.00
5 Leg Simba Flatliner ( with packer rollers)£120.00£670.00
TWB 3 Leg Subsoiler ( with packer rollers )£140.00£780.00
3 Leg Opico Sward Lifter (with packer rollers)£150.00£840.00
5 Leg HEVA Combi-Disc£250.00£1,400.00
Dal-Bo 12m Cambridge Rolls£210.00£1,175.00
Dal-Bo 6.3m Cambridge Rolls£110.00£615.00
  • Minimum Hire Period is one day